The library’s art gallery connects the old library house with the new library building. Works by local artists and those with local ties to the community are displayed for four – eight week intervals. A variety of media is presented including exhibitions from the library’s permanent collection.

Contact gallery coordinator, Ann Cross through the library at 315.655.9322 for more information if you wish to show your work.. Also visit the “How do I?” section of our website.

Additional information and Gallery Policies are listed here.

The Art Gallery at Cazenovia Public Gallery Exhibitions

January 2011

February 2011
“Reflections” by Jana Laxa

March – April 2011
“Wild About Horses”
Various Artists

May 2011
Serving People and Place: Cazenovia Public Library
Paintings and Photographs

June - July 2011
“Eleven” by The Rochester Area Fiber Artists
Art Quilts

August – September 2011
James Baumbach
Abstract Expressionism

October - November 2011
Cazenovia Watercolor Society

December 2011
MAD Art Group
Varied works

January 2010
“A Centenary Celebration of Merrill A. Bailey (1909 – 1981)”
Paintings and remembrances

February 2010
Christopher Dascher
Underwater photography

March – April 2010
Roger deMuth, Cazenovia
Panorama photographs

May - June 2010
Cazenovia Public Library collection

July 2010
Society of New Music

August – October 2010
Exhibitions pending

November – December 2010
Gerald Hook, Cazenovia

January 2009
Frederick Zimmerman
Oils, watercolors, hand-cut prints

February 2009
Polly Black Koerner, Cazenovia
Paintings and collage

March 2009
Betty Findlay, Cazenovia
“Life and Travels in Paintings”

April – May 2009
Richard Walker, Cooperstown
“Out of the Tomb, Into the Light:
Rediscovering the Cazenovia Public Library’s Egyptian Collection”

June 2009
Willson Cummer

July 2009
Society of New Music
group show

August 2009
David and Kristin LaFever
“Morocco: (partially) Unveiled”

September – October 2009
Cazenovia Watercolor Society

November 2009
Deborah Dougherty Wester, Cazenovia
“The Disappearing Cazenovia Landscape: At Large”
Oil paintings

December 2009 – January 2010
“A Centenary Celebration of Merrill A. Bailey (1909 – 1981)”
Paintings and Remembrances of a Cazenovia Artist and Teacher

January – February 2008
Selections from the Collection

March 2008
Randy Akers, Cazenovia College faculty
“The Dogs of Todos Santos”

April 14- May 30, 2008
Paintings by Dwight Williams
“The Art of Chittenango Falls”
Cazenovia Public Library Collection

June 2008
“Exceptional Artworks”
Madison County ARC

July 2008
Society of New Music
group show

August 2008
Scott Phillips, Cazenovia
Christian Phillips, Boston
“Vanishing Landscapes”

September 2008
Deborah Dougherty Wester, Cazenovia
Thomas Hale, Erieville
“The Art of the Mentor”
Oil paintings

October – November 2008
“Opening the Archives”
Upstate History Alliance exhibition with Cazenovia Public Library and Lorenzo State Historic Site

December 2008
Frederick Zimmerman, Cortland
Oils, watercolors, hand-cut prints

January 2007
Martha Keim-St. Louis, Morrisville

February 2007
“Read Ahead, Local Artists Celebrate Reading”
group show

March 2007
Julianne Hatch, Erieville
“Four Corners”

April 2007
Dorothy Riester, Cazenovia
“The Art of Seeing”
Photographs and sketches

May 2007
Dwight Williams, Cazenovia
“The Grand Travels of Dwight Williams, 1892 – 1909”
Pastels and oils

June 2007
Burton Street Elementary School
Raku masks

July 2007
Society of New Music
group Show

August 2007
Peter Bushnell, Cazenovia

September 2007
Cazenovia Public Library Celebrates Lorenzo
Cazenovia Public Library collection

October 2007
Cazenovia Watercolor Society
group show

November – December 2007
Bob Rose, Cazenovia
Jeffrey Rose, Los Angeles
“Our Secret World”
Photographs and paintings

2006: Cazenovia Public Library Centennial
January 2006
“A Collection of Portraits of Business, Official, and Professional Men and Women of Cazenovia”
Charles P. Marshall, photographer, 1906

February 2006
Joan Carlon, Cazenovia and selections from the Collection
“Cazenovia: 1850 and Beyond”
Abolitionist art

March 2006
“The Art of Cazenovia Architecture”
group show

April 2006
“Treasured Gifts: Donations to the Collection “
Work by Norma Bury, Theckla Constable
Walter B. Chard, Eddy Covell, Caroline Jenney
Mary Lapham, Mary Lula (Lou) Moon, Marion Partridge

May 2006
“Under the Tuscan Sun: Cazenovia Goes to Tuscany”
Mary Padgett, Toloa Perry, Jeannette Robertson, Nancy Oudheusden, Sherry Wright
Paintings and photographs

June 2006
“Cazenovia BarnScapes”
Group show
Paintings, sketches and photographs

July 2006
Society of New Music

August 2006
“Reflections of Lake Owaghena”
Dwight Williams, Jeannette Robertson, David Rufo, and Deborah Dougherty Wester

September 2006
Gene Gissin, Cazenovia
“The Cazenovia Fire Department Revealed”

October 2006
Dwight Williams (1856 – 1932)
“A Pastel Preview: Original Work”
[ paintings sold on October 8, 2006 during a Benefit Cocktail Party and Auction]

November 2006
Views of Nelson and Fenner

December 2006
New Woodstock Historical Society

January 2005
Robert D’Agostino
Cazenovia College Faculty
Oil portraits

February 2005
“Art Group Tuesday at the CPL”
Lee Cameron, Barbara Favaro, Drayton Jones, James Longstaff, Nicki Palmer, Toloa Perry, Jeanette Robertson,
Elizabeth Secor, and Sherry Wright

March 2005
“Then & Now: Images of Cazenovia’s Past & Present”
early 20th century images and contemporary photographs of Cazenovia
Curated by Roger deMuth
Images from the collections of Dave Porter, Jon Holstein, Steve and Carol Resnick, Gene Gissin, Rayburn Beale, The Cazenovia Public Library Archives, and Lorenzo State Historic Site

April – May 2005
Carl Heilman II
“Into the Wild”: The Adirondacks

June 2005
Michael Maccaulay
Paintings and drawings

July 2005
Society of New Music
group show

August 2005
“Michael David Fox: Works on Paper”
Presented by Dark Horse Creek Gallery, Erieville

September 2005
Greg Trombly, Syracuse
“Heartfelt Renderings”
Pencil drawings

October 2005
The Art of Jim Ladd, Cazenovia

November – December 2005
Dan Bacich, Syracuse
“Fallen Leaves”
Paintings, drawings and assemblages

January 2004
Mahlon R. “Dick” Palmer
“America the Beautiful”

February 2004
“Interior Renderings: ID 121”
Cazenovia College Interior Design Students

March 2004
David Rufo, Fayetteville

April – May 2004
Dwight Williams, Cazenovia
Painting the Town: Williams’ Celebration
Pastel and oil paintings

June 2004
Kevin Kennedy, Erieville

July – August 2004
Society of New Music
Group show

September 2004
“Home = Work”
Anita Welych
Mixed media

October 18 – November 19 2004
“Cazenovia Artists and Their Horses”
Judy Goldthwait, Richard Hubbard (1903-1993), Toloa Perry

November 15 – November 30 2004
“Sight Value”
Douglas Hoagland, Cazenovia Middle School student

December 2004
The Art of the Nursery
with Lorenzo State Historic Site .
Lisa Coddington, watercolors; Nursery Art from St. Peter’s Church, Cazenovia ; Lois Bowers, paper cuts; Marge Schaffler, fabric art

January 2003
Michael Wilson

February 2003
Cazenovia Watercolor Society
Group show

March – April 2003
Cazenovia Public Library Lecture Series

May 2003
Sue Murray
Feline photography

July 2003
Jennifer Schutzendorf
Oil and acrylic paintings

August 2003
Richard E. Lee

September 2003
Pegg Ladd

October 2003
Carol Bentley

November 2003
Deb Wester

December 2003
Susan Johnson
Recent Cazenovia Landscapes

January – February 2002
Theresa Collette Miller
“Inspirational Cartoons”

March 2002
Cazenovia Architecture

April 2002
Bob Niedzwiecki
Paintings of the St. Lawrence

May 2002
Dick English

June 2002
Kristin Morrow

July 2002
Society of New Music

August 2002
Richard Hubbard

September 2002
Charles Gunnip

October 2002
Toloa Perry

November 2002
Catherine Stearns

December 2002
Genevieve Redmond

January 2001
David Porter

February 2001
Cazenovia Watercolor Society
Group show

March 2001
Abigail Bull
Paintings and ceramics

April 2001
Cazenovia College Print Making
Students of Marcia Neblett

May 2001
Marilyn Fegan

June – July 2001
Jerry Hook

August 2001
Cazenovia Anniversary show
Pegg Ladd, curator

September 2001
Nancy Duffy
Charcoal Drawings

October 2001
Sue Ellen Romanowski
Contemporary Quilts

November 2001
Jane Carroll
Retrospective of Christmas Card sketches

December 2001
Theresa C.A. Miller
Personalized Cartoons


January 2000
Hudson Talbott

March – April 2000
John Francis McCarthy

September 2000
Dick English

October 2000
George Benedict

November 2000

December 2000
Daphne Verley Pietrafesa

April 1999
Hudson River Series

May 1999
Highlights of the Permanent Collection

June – July 1999
Society of the New Music

August 1999
Linda Ostinett

September 1999
Emily Farranto
Oil paintings

October 1999
Cazenovia Fire Department

November 1999
Cazenovia Quits

December 1999
Dwight Williams


Jan – February 1997
Dorothy Riester
Maquettes and Drawings

March 1997
Highlights of the Permanent Collection

April 1997
Wilderness and the Arts

June – July 1997
Society of New Music

September 1997
Susan Johnson

October 1997
Fiber Arts

November – December 1997
Jim Ridlon

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