Cazenovia Public Library Staff

Betsy Kennedy, Director
Carole Herbert
Elisha Davies
Margaret Nardella
Betsy Nash
Jenna Wright
Barbara Blake, part time
Alyssa Brown, part time
Kate Hill, part time
Michelle Lanoir, part time
Lisa Silverman, part time

Pat Hill, Museum Educator
Julia Shotzberger, Museum Educator

Wanda Bartlett, Custodian

Page, the Cat


Cazenovia Public Library Board of Trustees

Lauren Lines, President
Kelli Johnson, Vice-President
Penny Noll, Secretary
Karl Schnitzler, Treasurer
Margery Connor
Sharon Cooney
Terri Fiumara-Dubik
Kate Franz
Carolyn Holmes
Andrew Johnson
Betsy Kennedy, ex officio
David Mehlbaum
Jason Rushing
Jack Sessler
Thomas Tait
Lawrence Tully
Dick Williams

The trustees meet the fourth Monday of each month in the Community Room at 7:30pm.
The public is welcome to attend.