Adventure Lab Kits

These projects are designed for children 8-12. 

Kits will be distributed on the specified day. Kits will have names on them and be easily accessible at a no-contact location at the lower entrance to the library. These events require registration. Please fill out the registration form or call the Library at 315.655.9322. If you’re no longer able to or are not interested in a kit you’ve signed up for, please call the Library. 


Time to get messy with science! With a few simple ingredients, you can create your own slippery slime to play with at home.

Kit includes: white glue, liquid starch, glitter confetti, and slime recipe. 

Rubber Band Paddle Boats (July 13th) REGISTRATION CLOSED

Look no further for an excuse to visit a stream or lake. Let your creativity set sail by building your own rubber band-powered boat. Learn about buoyancy and kinetic energy as you test your craft on water.

Kit includes: wooden craft sticks, glue, rubber band, and instructions.


Do you know how powerful the sun is? It helps plants grow, it gives us warm days, and it can even cook your food! Build your own oven and put it to the test.

Kit includes: box, foil, plastic sheet, s’more ingredients, and instructions.

Rube Goldberg Machine (July 27) REGISTRATION CLOSED

Create your own chain-reaction machine to perform the simplest task. Our challenge to you: use your creativity to build a machine to ring a bell- the sillier and more complicated the better!

Kit includes: bell, marble, recycled bits & bobs to get you started, and instructions.