Ralph D’Mello Demonstration: How to Make Miniature Soldiers

August 10, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Ralph D'Mello Demonstration: How to Make Miniature Soldiers

Travel around the World and through time with artist Ralph D’Mello. The Cazenovia Public Library invites children and adults of all ages to the Community Room on Wednesday, August 10th, at 7:00 pm for a unique craft demonstration. Ralph will share his collection of hand-painted miniature soldiers and armies, and take us through his artistic process, revealing the techniques and skills used to bring each exquisite figure to life.

Ralph was born in Bombay, India and educated at Bombay, Yale, and Syracuse Universities. He served as Assistant Director of Music for the Indian Army, developing a love and first-hand knowledge of military history and uniforms. A dedicated craftsman, Ralph has painted over a thousand figures, ranging in size from 15mm to 200mm. His work has focused primarily on the British-India Armies of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The Library has had the great privilege of exhibiting Ralph’s work in the past. This summer we are thrilled to reveal his newest collection, Warriors Around the World. These hand-painted figures represent soldiers from various cultures and time periods throughout history. In addition to individual soldiers (e.g. “Mongol Warrior,” “Cossack Warrior,” “Roman General,” “Viking Warrior,” “Aztec Warrior,” etc.), Ralph has crafted multi-figure dioramas, such as “Celtic Chariot 55. B.C.,” “The Parade of Raj,” “Roake’s Drift, South African Zulu War,” and “Moghul Tiger Hunt.” The assemblage will be displayed in the Lobby throughout the month of August.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win your own hand-painted miniature warrior. Ralph will be raffling off a soldier from his collection to one lucky winner. The figure’s caption reads: “1st. Duke of York’s Own Bengal Lancers, (Skinner’s Horse). C. 1900.” The piece is currently on display behind the Library Circulation Desk. Purchase a single ticket for $1 or three for $2. The winning ticket will be drawn on Wednesday, August 31st.

All events at the Cazenovia Public Library are free and open to the public. For more information on this and other Library events, call 655-9322 or visit www.cazenoviapubliclibrary.org.