Postponed: Unlocking Parental Intelligence with Laurie Hollman, PhD.

November 12, 2022 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Postponed: Unlocking Parental Intelligence with Laurie Hollman, PhD.

This program has been postponed. Stay tuned for a new date in 2023.

The Cazenovia Public Library welcomes Dr. Laurie Hollman to the Community Room on Saturday, Nov. 12th at 2 pm. She’ll lead a group discussion on Parental Intelligence. With decades of clinical experience, Laurie invites participants to discuss puzzling behavior they find in children and adolescents.

Space is limited; registration is required. Hollman has authored many books on the subject which will be available for sale. The Library also has select titles available for checkout.

This program is free and open to the public.


A word from Laurie:

Unlocking Parental Intelligence
Laurie Hollman, PhD

When you’re at your wits end with now and again or repetitious (sometimes outlandish)
puzzling behaviors by your child and feel your blood pressure rise and your scolding voice rising
with it, it’s not the parent you thought you’d be. That’s when leaning on Parental Intelligence is
like a magician landing in your kitchen to save not only the day, but your relationship.

The key to the book, “Unlocking Parental Intelligence: Finding Meaning in Your Child’s
Behavior” is in the subtitle. It’s hard to believe in a nearly intolerable moment, but there really is
actual meaning behind your child’s behavior (and yours by the way.) The meaning is the magic.
But this is magic you and your children can learn.
If a parent learns how to find meaning in what seems impossible to understand their
parenting world changes. A light—a very bright light—comes on.
This light leads to a new way of living for parents and children of all ages. It not only
fosters a new way to comprehend your child’s actions and stages of development, but
strengthens your bond with your child, and there’s even more. This approach strengthens your
child’s capacity to think through a problem, gain the capacity for insight at a young age, and
renews trust. These are learned skills that affect intelligence.

What if your child comes home shaken by something you know nothing about. He’s
close to tears but refuses to talk. He goes to his room and slams the door. ‘Kind you’ goes up and
taps lightly on the door. You hear, “Go Away Now!” But you don’t. Why? You know not to
intrude abruptly. You know angry people need time to cool off. But you also know, because your
Parental Intelligence cap is on that those “GO AWAY” words are code for, “I need you but don’t
have the words to explain why.”
When you learn the five steps to Parental Intelligence, you become a decoder. Not the kind of
techy needed on the computer, but the human personal kind that empathically makes sense of a
behavior, an attitude, a feeling you thought was beyond your reach.
Let’s meet on November 12, Saturday at 2 at the Cazenovia library for about an hour. I
want to tell you more, much more about this (and it’s best told in person.) Bring examples of
behaviors your child stumps you with. Behaviors that stretch your huge capacity to love.
Between now and then, you have time to even write notes to yourself to remember the behaviors
that trip you up. Write the details. What you see, hear, feel, and how you do or don’t react. If any
words go with the behavior, write them, too.

Believe me, you are not alone. Parenting is a huge responsibility. An unpaid position that
requires love and skill. But you can’t find any school or university with a degree in this most
significant profession. Yes. Parenting is a profession. It requires learning, practice, and
incredible care. And babies grow. They are always changing. And keep changing in various
stages of development (that aren’t uniform for all kids, by the way. Development in a child is
quite unique and individual. But more about that later.)

I hope to meet you on November 12 th . If you want a head start (but won’t need one) borrow the
book, Unlocking Parental Intelligence. Read a few stories about parents using it. Choose stories
that fit the general ages of your kids or the various family situations that resonate with you.

Hope to see you soon,