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This improved station was opened in 1906 and was considered the crown jewel of the S & CV line.  It was the most ornate of all the stations and was the only one to feature second story living quarters for the station agent.  Located at the end of the lake (intersection of Rt. 92 and Rt. 20) passengers not being met by relatives or friends could take a stagecoach into the village.  Unfortunately, the structure was destroyed by fire on July 17, 1921.

West Shore

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The Syracuse & Chenango Valley railroad operated from 1873 to 1944.  Transporting thousands of visitors to Cazenovia, it helped to define Cazenovia as a tourist destination.  Day excursions as well as week-long campers took advantage of the comfortable transportation to escape the heat of the cities and enjoy activities involving the lake and surrounding countryside.  (At the peak of the RR years, it is estimated that 8,000 visitors came to Cazenovia each weekend.) The S & CV line was also vital in the success of several local industries including ice, dairy, gravel and a variety of manufactured goods.  Today all that remains to remind us of this important transportation line is the turntable at the base of Fairchild Hill, the closed off tunnel and the odd railroad tie or spike. 


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