Educational Programs & Tours                                  

Each year hundreds of students from the CNY area participate in one of two tours offered at the Library. Under the direction of our Museum Educators, Julie Shotzberger and Pat Hill, our museum educational programs highlight various aspects of the collection and comply with the New York State Learning Standards for Social Studies. Programs are tailored to specific grade levels and topics and are designed to enhance classroom curriculum.


We recommend allowing 45 minutes per session with a maximum class size of 25. Groups with more than 25 students are allowed, but will be divided for additional activities in our Community; this will require an additional 45 minutes. One adult chaperone per 10 students is requested. Reservations should be made at least three weeks in advance. Alternate date options are suggested.


We ask for a minimum of $20.oo per group or $2.00 per visitor for their visit. Teachers, chaperones, and bus drivers receive complimentary admission. Please make check payable to the Cazenovia Public Library and be prepared to pay at the time of the tour; schools using BOCES funding should provide paperwork.


Tour Options:

Cabinet of Curiosities

Our museum collection covers over two thousand years of civilization. Access to this diverse and fascinating collection provides students with glimpses into various cultures around the world. The Cabinet of Curiosities Program options include:

  • An exploration of our WonderCabinet and Discovery Drawers
    • A history of collecting and museums
  • An interactive artifact search in which students investigate:
    • Native American artwork & tools
    • Natural history items
    • Extinct and rare birds
    • 18th, 19th, and early 20th century artifacts
    • Objects representing cultures from around the world
    • Artifacts from Ancient Egypt

The Egyptian Program

The Egyptian collection was acquired by Robert Hubbard on his Grand Tour in 1894. This collection includes over 100 artifacts. The Egyptian Program tour includes:

  • The Grand Tour— how Cazenovia came to have a mummy
  • Mummification—A look at the culture and beliefs of ancient Egyptians.
  • Artifacts—An explanation of the artifacts within the collection and how they relate to ancient Egyptian civilization.
  • CT Scan and X-rays of Hen—What modern science can teach us about funerary objects.