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In 1792, surveyor and future land agent for the “Cazenovia Establishment”, John Lincklaen, recognized the potential of the fast moving water of Chittenango Creek.  The water from the creek would provide power for the commercial city that was envisioned.  Within just a few short years, many and varied successful businesses were built along the banks of the creek between Cazenovia and Chittenango.

In 1887 Mrs. Charles Fairchild (of Lorenzo) learned that a gunpowder company planned to build a powder mill at the lip of Chittenango falls.  With other Cazenovians, she formed the Chittenango Falls Park Association which raised the necessary $2000 and purchased the property.  The group made some improvements but allowed visitors free use of the site.  After 35 years of ownership by the association, the park was turned over to the State of New York in 1922.

-excerpt from Cazenovia, the Story of an Upland Community

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The Falls and park were a popular destination for a carriage ride in the late 1880’s and the excursion was featured in Cazenovia tourism ads.  Today, Chittenango Falls is one of the 180 parks maintained and operated by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.





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