Bundle up the family and take a walk through town, reading Apryl Stott’s, “Share Some Kindness, Bring Some Light”.  Pages are displayed in the windows of local business participants until the end of February. 

Each page is accompanied by a letter; record the letters and spell out a secret message. Kids can then bring the solved message in for a prize starting next week.

Start your walk at the Library (the side porch), walk west on Albany, cross Rt 20, and continue east on Rt 20, completing the stroll at the Chamber office. 

Thank you to all of our collaborating businesses!

Story Stroll Map


    1. Cazenovia Public Library 100 Albany
    2. The Key 66 Albany
    3. JS Hight & Songs 58 Albany
    4. Cazenovia Artisans 39 Albany
    5. Kalamata Pita 47 Albany
    6. JD Hunter Home 55 Albany
    7. Lillie Bean 57 Albany
    8. Jasmine Rae Floral Design 61 Albany
    9. Farmer’s Insurance 7 Lincklaen
    10. Heartstone Artisan Bakery 11 Lincklaen
    11. 20/East 85 Albany
    12. Howard Hanna Real Estate 87 Albany
    13. Pewter Spoon 87 Albany
    14. Chamber of Commerce 95 Albany