Monetary– The Cazenovia Public Library welcomes donations in any amount, which may be earmarked for a special purchase or may go to the general fund. People with an interest in the Library may request their families to name the Library to receive contributions in their remembrance upon their deaths. Online donations are possible through paypal by clicking on the link below. Donations made online are directed to the library and not the Friends of the Library- you must donate to the Friend for membership and its benefits. 

Books & Media– Book donations are accepted for the Friend’s of the Library Book Sale year round, except July. Our Friends must prepare for the sale. Donations will be accepted immediately following the sale (the last full weekend in July). If you have a small amount of books to donate, feel free to leave your donations at the circulation desk; if you have a couple boxes, retrieve the key to the book barn from the circulation desk. A hand cart is available for unloading in the barn.

Time– Volunteers are welcome for an assortment of ongoing tasks. Visit the Volunteer and Community Service page for more information.

Other– Donations may also take the form of an item needed by the Library, such as a magazine subscription, a computer, etc., or by providing a professional service.